The community of Michalowice is situated 10 km north of the city of Cracow in the broad valley of the Dlubnia river, which further on joins the Wisla river.

Regarding its administrative location, the community belongs to the Malopolska Region.

Michalowice is well connected with the nearby city of Cracow. It is only 10 km from the city center, the railway and bus station. The local Cracow-Balice Airport is only 15 km far away. Distance from Warsaw is 300 kms and from Tatra mountains - 100 kms.

The community of Michalowice occupies an area of 51 sq. km and is populated by about 8000 citizens. Location near City of Cracow, good communication and beautiful landscapes make Michalowice ideal place to live in.

In Michalowice, one can find very good conditions for the development of tourism. The varying outline of the terrain and interesting factors of landscape and nature (part of the area is located along the Natural Parks: “Dlubnia River Valley“ and “Dolinki Krakowskie”) forms a diversified and picturesque surrounding. In the eastern part of the Community there are vast areas of apple orchards. There are also a lot of interesting monuments, 2 horse riding centres and fishing ponds in the Community.

Michalowice Commune consists of 17 villages, the biggest of them is Michalowice with more then 2000 inhabitants. Raciborowice comes second with almost 700 inhabitants and Maslomiaca is third with 530 inhabitants.In recent years we have noted very dynamic development of housing and increasing migration to Michalowice, first of all from Cracow. That is why the commune's population rises very fast, as can be seen in the histogram below.