Trail: blue
Length: 11,2 kms
Difficulty: easy

The bike path „Dolina Dłubni” is easily reachable from the city of Cracow. The main road from Pradnik Czerwony – Cracow’s district will lead us first to Batowice and then to Raciborowice, where the bike path begins.

We start our journey at the crossing of the local road in Raciborowice, close to the wooden mill. After a short while, about 50 m from the main road on the right, we can see gothic St. Margaret’s church with its wooden belfry.

St. Margaret's Church in Raciborowice

Interior of the church

Next, we enter the village of Kończyce, where in the 18th and 19th century the Russian-Austrian border used to be. Here, one can find a wooden water mill still operating. The Dlubnia river forks into a so-called Mlynowka that provides water for the mill and is interesting to look at. Further attractions include a pre-war dam. In Konczyce we can also admire old wooden village architecture.

Wooden water mill in Konczyce

Wooden architecture in Konczyce

After a few minutes on the bike path, we reach the village of Ksiazniczki. About 200 m from the path, the remnants of a 19th century mansion with further court buildings and a mainly destroyed park can be seen.

Back on the path, we follow the district road towards the village of Mlodziejowice. Left off the path, the Mlodziejowice forest is located. 200 metres further on on the right, we can find a path leading to the wooden water mill dating from 1938. After another kilometer on our bike path, we get to the centre of the village. 100 metres from here, we can also find the remains of the mansion and park complex dating from the 16th century.

Mansion in Ksiazniczki

Wooden mill in Mlodziejowice

The next interesting point along the path is a mansion in Michalowice, about one kilometer from the centre of Mlodziejowice.

Just behind the mansion, we take a right turn from the district road onto a narrow concrete path. After a short while, we climb a little hill called Kozlica. Later, we ride downhill towards the village of Maslomiaca, where fishing ponds and an obelisk are situated. A snack can be enjoyed in the pizza restaurant “Gaweda” next to the ponds.

Mansion in Michalowice

Old Pharmacy in Zerwana

1,5 km from the centre in the direction of Wieclawice Dworskie, you reach the farm and horse riding center called “Nowakówka” after passing the sawmill. From Maslomiaca, the path continues on towards the left in the direction of Michalowice. Next to a hardware store, we take a right turn and ride along the river. Soon, we get to the sports field and continue on along the right side of the Lysa Gora hill. Now, the path leads us to the busy national road No. 7 and the village of Zerwana, where we can visit a historic pharmacy and monumental shrine.

Having crossed the national road, we continue along the district road towards Wilczkowice. On the left, the horse riding center “Stary Mlyn” (Old Mill) is situated. The trail ends in the center of the village of Wilczkowice.